Removing Daily Spend Limits From FB Ad Accounts Introduction & 2021 FB curve balls

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Table of Contents

Hey, solar champs!

👋 I’m Tim, I head up facebook ads for prospect bacon.

Day in and day out I get to work with the most talented mediabuyers in the solar biz.

In 2021 we’ve pretty much seen it all: rising CPLs, deactivated ad accounts, daily spend limits, all the requisite curve balls from FB you would expect and then some.

Daily spend limits have been one of the new-ish curve balls.  And they make it impossible to hit your spending goals and can really affect your ability to generate leads in your market.

What is a spend limit?

Today, in this post, i’m going to share with you our strategy for getting your daily spend limits uncapped FASTER.

We’ve done this time and time again for dozens of clients and it works 99% of the time.

Seems like just when you start thinking you understand what the he** is going on on FB, and adapt to the new nonsensical changes..they pull the rug out from under you and you have to figure out a new and…..”interesting” set of problems.

The slings and arrows of outrageous solar fortune.

Despite all that our clients are still making bacon, growing their businesses, and feeding their teams with hot and juicy leads on the facebook platform.

Anyway, todays topic: daily spend limits (and how to combat them).

If you have run ads in the past year or two, there’s a decent chance you have run into this problem: You want to spend $100/day but you go to press publish on your new, shiny ad, and it tells you that you can only spend $50, or even $25/day. So, what do we do? 😭

The official line from FB is to just keep making your payments like a good little boy or girl and over time they will push your daily spend limit up.

Cool..if you have weeks and weeks to wait: if you don’t then keep reading 👇.

PB’s Strategy For Getting Daily Spend Limits Raised FAST

We developed a little strategy that generally will work in between 0 (yes, sometimes it works immediately) and 2 weeks to get your spend limit up to whatever your desired daily spend is.

It is simple and straight forward but has been quite effective for us.

I’ll break it down by steps.

After you have published ads and made your first successful payment:

Step 1. Navigate your web browser to:  Toward the bottom of the page you should see the phrase “still need help?” find answers or contact support and a little blue button labeled “get started”  PRESS IT.

Welcome to facebook concierge chat.  These guys can be immensely helpful or totally frustrating or both.

Step 2. Choose your ad account, select “other ad account issue”, enter your email and phone number, and in the “please provide information that will help us investigate” area you should type something like “This ad account has a daily spend limit of $XYZ and I would like to get it lifted to $ABC today if possible by having it manually reviewed.  Thank you!”

Step 3. Wait for the concierge chat representative, and once you have them on, you’ll probably have to re-iterate your ad account id and what you have already said (pro tip, copy/paste what you typed previously).  Be kind, but be insistent. And ask them if they can get you manually appealed today so that you can get the spend limit raised today if possible.

Now, one of two things will happen: you will get your wish and poof your off to the solar races.


You will be told that you need to keep accumulating a good track record in order to get your daily limit lifted.

OK, so now what???  Now you wait…about 24-72 hours…and keep an eye on your email inbox.

They will reply to you and, again, one of two things will happen:

1. They will lift the spend limit, and your all set.


2. They will tell you that you haven’t processed enough payments yet, and you need to just wait..

Cool, but, instead of waiting, were going to chat back in…like immediately.

Final Steps and wrap up

You see, if you chat back in BEFORE they answer you via email, they WILL not speak with you or take your case any further.  But once they answer you, even if its denying you (for now) your daily spend increase, NOW when you chat back in they will treat it like a brand new case and appeal for you once again.

And that’s it, rinse and repeat.

As I mentioned, usually I need to repeat this process for about a week before we get our spend limits dropped, but it has taken up to a couple of weeks before.

So, hope this is helpful…i’ll be dropping in every Tuesday with some value bombs, or atleast some value molotov cocktails, depending on how inspired I am.

But if you’d like to have all this and more done for you and want to work alongside the greasiest crew in the solar marketing biz just drop us a line here:

Until next week,

Here’s to more solar sales! 🍻

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