Services for scale

We work consistently to stay on the cutting edge of the industry to make it SO EASY to scale with us.

Facebook and Youtube Ads

Checkout Some Examples Of Our Ads

We ran these 6 months ago, we’ve leveraged 5 million in ad spend since to create even better ones 😉

Client Success Management

We value relationships and communications. Our secret bacon — the Accounts Managers — makes sure you are well-taken care of. Got concerns? Got Feedbacks? Need a beer after a closed deal? Your dedicated Account Manager got you covered.
Client Success Management
Data-Driven Media Buying​

Data-Driven Media Buying

YouTube and Facebook ads are our jam. Each month, we spend up to $1Mil on advertising. That gives us data to make wise media buying decisions giving you high-quality solar leads — at scale.

Kick-Butt Solar Copy

Our copywriters are exclusively focused on writing for the solar industry. They know the market inside and out. No guesswork. No bland copy. Just a sizzling solar ad copy that brings home the bacon.
Self Appointment Generating System

Self Appointment Generating System

We’re not just a lead-generating company. Our system also transforms even the cold-hearted leads into impatient homeowners who can’t wait to learn more about your offer.

Solar CRM

Our CRM is built specifically for solar reps and companies — making sure no leads fall off the cracks. Supports SMS, Emails even Calls for maximum lead-to-install conversions!
In-House Actors and Designers

In-House Actors and Designers

Your account is backed up by a team full of in-house designers and actors — keeping your ads fresh and top-notch!

Ready to release the grease?

Ready to fill your pipeline with ready-to-buy homeowners who want to go solar? Prospect Bacon wants to make your calendar look like your 1st grade birthday party where your mom got everyone to show up.  Click the button to schedule your consult and lets serve you some bacon.