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Solar Businesses with an online presence that bring in a predictable stream of bacon (leads) scale like clockwork.

Companies & reps alike, if you’re looking to separate yourself from the competition, it starts with the way homeowners are looking to make purchases. With the way the market is headed, online leads are the knocks on the screens of homeowners that they actually want to answer. Raising their hand saying “I’m interested in solar” so that you can break the defensive posture your reps are constantly meeting.

Prospect Bacon is the in-house complete marketing solution that is actually educating homeowners on what solar is in a way that makes them WANT to talk to you. Not only does this bring you a dependable stream of income to your business, but when your market is wanting to know more about YOU where do you think they’re going? They’re looking for what other people are saying about solar and what they’re saying about you.

Together, let’s show your customers that you’re someone they can trust with their business.

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Auto-pilot filling up your calendars, what else but bacon will fill up your tummy?

Let’s face it, we all know bacon is the most important meal of the day. Do you think astronauts skipped breakfast? No, they didn’t, they didn’t skip breakfast. Is scaling your solar business to the moon, filling your reps calendars with ready-to-buy leads not your goal? So why do you think you’re better than Buzz Aldrin? The truth is, you’re not. Bacon in the morning that bakes itself, showers in some flavorful grease, and walks it’s way over to your plate in the morning with a calendar fully stacked is what sets apart the real astronauts from the guys who peaked in high school. Do you not wanna go to the moon?

Your hard-earned money doesn’t need to fuel some “marketing company” that’s only going to spend it “testing” new angles for all of their “other” clients. Stop wasting your money tickling the pixel for marketing that doesn’t truly speak to your customers. Homeowners are tired of the same old angles, buying processes are undergoing massive changes, let’s set you apart from all the rest.

More Appointments & More Sales

Let us help you take your solar business to the moon with a predictable & scalable marketing campaign battle-tested in over 200 markets.

What Clients Say

How One Doorknocker Built A Customer Centric Marketing Agency.

Our Story

Fellow solar pro Josiah Atkins was looking for ways to fill up his calendar to fuel his sales efforts. Like every other serious solar pro, he turned to online marketing and found someone who claimed they could serve up some bacon. After $4,763 spent Josiah had only generated 3 leads and no sales. So he put his nose to the grindstone to fill up his own calendar. He was so successful that he started filling up his entire companies calendar. After a few months he had all the knockers knocking on his door. Now, 3 years later, with over $1,000,000 a month in advertising spent on generating leads in over 200 markets. Prospect Bacon is leading the pack for solar pros looking to bring in a scalable, dependable marketing campaign.

Trusted by leading brands and solar companies from around the world

What Makes Us Different

Transparent Process & Individualized Attention

Most solar agencies today outsource the actual marketing (fulfillment) overseas or to smaller agencies who’ve “failed.” This means the actual advertising is handed off to an entirely different team.

The media buying, creation of beautiful ads that keep homeowners attention, and tech aspects to your campaigns aren’t given the individualized attention they need to carry you to success. Instead of 1 dedicated point of contact, you’re surfing through emails & phone calls as your lead costs sky rocket, or worse, they “collected ad spend upfront” so you can’t even see what they’re doing.

In-house Team Dedicated To Overdelivering

One dedicated account manager, bi-weekly pipeline reviews, and complete access to your campaign, tech team, and media buying team.

Every client of Prospect Bacon gets their account managers phone number, complete access to the ENTIRE team on slack, our ads run on YOUR ad account, weekly loom overviews, and bi-weekly pipeline review calls with your dedicated account manager

In-house Team Dedicated To Overdelivering
Path To Success

Path To Success

Your success is our success, the way our team members are compensated is off of the success of your campaign. Because we have proven strategies so we can ALL WIN..

Let Prospect Bacon take you to new heights with strategies that are proven to win and people who are incentivized to help you scale your business to the moon.

Ready to release the grease?

Ready to fill your pipeline with ready-to-buy homeowners who want to go solar? Prospect Bacon wants to make your calendar look like your 1st grade birthday party where your mom got everyone to show up.  Click the button to schedule your consult and lets serve you some bacon.