Solar Lead Gen On FB Is Tough, Get Good!

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Good evening solar pros! This FB Ads knowledge upload is brought to you by ME. I’m the dept head on the FB side of things here at prospect bacon. It’s been my job all day every day for over 2 years to manage solar ads and make improvements on the way solar marketing is done. Today i’m here to talk to you about how to make your ads better so you can get cheaper leads and close more deals.

I’m going to share with you a little grab bag of things that are important to winning on facebook and turning scrollers into future solar sales. Speaking of scrolling…

4 Things You Must Do in FB Solar Lead Gen

#1 Stop the scroll. Use an image or video that is going to stand out. This will change over time. One month it might be UGC, one month it might be high contrast colors etc.

#2 Understand who you are selling to. How old are they? How do they feel about solar? What are some of their likely objections? Where do they hang out online? Are they married? Etc. These are broad strokes and some of this can be hard to find out, but a little clue, something like reddit or other social platforms that allow you to see users that are into solar and what their other interests are can be a gold mine.

#3 Credibility. A little of this goes a long way. If you are selling virtually this can be trickier. But ESPECIALLY if you have a location in the area you are marketing to it becomes easy to ‘speak the local dialect’, and fit in as one of them so that there is a level of trust that can get them over the finish line of your funnel. 

#4 LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL. There are a lot of important aspects to a FB marketing campaign but one of the, if not the most important element of any successful campaign is how local it feels to people scrolling. This can be copy, image, video, page name, or all of the above. If done right people will be clicking on your ads like crazy. 

Wrapup and conclusion

This is not a short article, but it’s a lot shorter than those I have written lately. 

I hope you can find something valuable here that you can use to grow your business. Im experimenting with different formats to see how these posts can best serve the solar pros here in this group. 

If you have any questions, or want to hear about something specifically LET ME KNOW! 

As always, solar lead gen on FB is tough, and honestly many business owners will be best served focusing on sales & their lead pipeline rather than marketing. If that sounds like you and you want to see what it looks like to partner with Prospect Bacon, check the link out right here :

Until next week! 

Here’s to more sales 🍻

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